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United Credit Advisors is comprised of a team of financial counselors, credit experts, affiliated attorneys, and local/national financial organizations. Our team focuses on the consumer’s right to know what information is being reported on their credit report. Our goal is to determine what information is there, why it is there, and how can it be removed.

You Will Be Assigned a Personal Credit and Financial Coach To Guide You Along The Way!

The Luxury of Credit Repair is that the Law is On Your Side.

Laws that protect the consumer:

  1. FDCPA – Fair Debt Collections Practices Act
  2. FCRA – Fair Credit Reporting Act
  3. Dodd-Frank
  4. Wall Street Reform
  5. Consumer Protection Act

The reality is that FICO, has a closley guarded secret they keep in the vaults of their San Jose, Calofornia vault, that is the algorithem that calculates your score. Although the algorithem is not a publicly known product we do know the following ways in on the scoring model as mentioned below.